What your Xbox 360 dashboard could've looked like

Pics: New Xbox Experience prototypes revealed

Design firm Grid/plane has released fascinating prototype images of what became the New Xbox Experience. Here's what your 360 dashboard could've looked like...

"Gridplane spent a few months working with Microsoft's XBOX 360 group developing concepts for the latest graphical user interface for the XBOX 360 console," the company reveals on its website.

"The time was spent exploring many ways that a new menu system could allow users to browse and navigate game libraries, music, movies and TV shows. Oh, and play games too.


"These examples represent one of many concepts that we worked on. We are happy to have contributed to the evolution of the Xbox console UI."

As you can see the old design looks even simpler than the current NXE we ended up with. It's also very, very pale. We like it, even if it does look a bit similar to the old dashboard blades in places.

Apparently the firm also dreamt up "an immersive 3D environment for users to explore the latest games, events and online activity within the Xbox Live community". Hmmm, why does that sound familiar?