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First Resident Evil 5 review in

It's a 5/5 from US Official PlayStation Magazine

The first Resident Evil 5 review score is in, and it's full marks, five out of five, from the US Official PlayStation Magazine.

"The good news is that this game is that good," says the mag. "Hours after playing through Resident Evil 5 once I'm already thinking about different strategies, load-outs and approaches to the game scenarios."


Among the many praises in the titanic seven-page review, including the "distinguished" and "revlationary" co-op mode, OPM pays particular attention to the game's mix of gameplay styles, which Resi 4 did particularly well in its excellent pacing.

"RE5 does a great job of mixing gameplay styles to create a sense of pacing that flows between high octane shootouts to more subdued, eerie exploratory sequences," it says.

"One moment you'll be blasting and hacking away at zombie mobs and face off against some seemingly invincible mini-boss in the midst of town, or you'll be systematically exploring working your way through the dark, claustrophobic confines of a mine of the labyrinth corridors of a secret research complex, experience a brief but hair-raising quick-time event and be back to fighting zombies - but this time racing across the Savannah manning the chain gun on the back of a humvee.

"It's exactly the type of event you have to share with a buddy, so you can discuss, dissect and deliberate over it for days to come," says OPM.

"This is like playing an Indiana Jones movie. And not the crappy ones."

High praise then. Expect review scores to appear from our office neighbours, the UK-based magazines in the coming weeks...