Naka's Let's Tap confirmed for Europe

Sonic man's Wii game out in Summer 2009

Sega has confirmed that Let's Tap, the first game to spawn from Sonic creator Yuji Naka's new studio, will be released in Europe in 'Summer 2009'.

Developed exclusively for Wii, Let's Tap utilises a "ground-breaking control scheme" that involves placing the Wii controller on an erm, box... and then tapping along to play the game. It's probably more fun than it sounds.


"Lets Tap offers a new and innovative way of playing on the Wii which only a videogame legend such as Naka-san could have ever possibly imagined," commented Gary Knight, Sega's European marketing director.

"It's such a simple yet genius concept and still easy to pick up and play, everyone will be tapping away before you know it!"

Let's Tap presents an assortment of different finger-tapping challenges for up to four players including Tap Runner, firework-fueled Visualizer and Jenga-esque Silent Blocks.

We'll be talking to Naka-san on the bizarre sounding Wii game and more this afternoon, so look for the full interview on these pages real soon.