EA Confirms Dead Space Wii

Regrets being caught out by Wii's success...

EA in the past has expressed regret that it was caught flat-footed by the success of the Nintendo Wii, but the efforts to get caught up on the platform will soon emerge with the release of more core titles.

EA CEO John Riccitiello said that his company will be bringing games based on mass market Hasbro and Sims properties to the Wii, but also core properties that "have legs," such as a certain horror title that released in 2008.

"A good example of this is Dead Space," he said. "We're bringing a Wii title to market this year, and it absolutely has the quality and fear factor that you got on the PS3 and Xbox 360 and PC last year."

He also said marketing efforts revolving exclusively around Wii games would increase.

Rumors of a Wii version of Dead Space emerged last year, but today's EA earnings call is the first time a clear confirmation has been issued.

Article supplied by Edge-Online