Lara Croft pimped out to promote EA games

Oxford Street Carphone Warehouse, this Friday

Tomb Raider model Alison Carroll will do a Carphone Warehouse 'meet and greet' in London this Friday to promote Sony Ericsson phones that come loaded with free EA games.

If you're hanging around in sub-zero temperatures then get your grove on to Oxford Street Carphone Warehouse from 12:30pm.


There's every chance you'll get your picture taken with Tomb Raider honey Alison Carroll. And yes she will be wearing all her Tomb Raiding clobber. She'll be freezing...

She's there to "launch two gaming handsets from Sony Ericsson" both of which come pre-loaded with several EA games as well as Tomb Raider: Underworld. But if you're really lucky you might get to meet us. We'll be the ones at the back covertly taking pictures for our "files".