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New Metroid game teased

"Another side story coming soon" teases Nintendo Japan site

The official Japanese Metroid website has been updated with a message supposedly teasing a new Samus Aran adventure.

A banner image that's appeared on displays the message "another side story coming soon", alongside a space pirate, the series' villainous alien race.


Speculation has naturally ran away with itself on forums, with suggestions ranging from a Space Pirate spin-off game to the resurrection of presumed-cancelled DS side-scroller Metroid Dread.

It's got the word 'Metroid' associated with it so we're already excited. But something tells us this "side story" is going to turn out to be either a new website launch or details on the forthcoming Metroid Prime New Play Control! Wii update.

It could be worse though. It could turn out to be Metroid Prime Pinball 2.

We've contacted Nintendo UK to see what's up.