Lara swaps guns for phones

Tomb Raider model snapped at The Carphone Warehouse

Remember last week when we told you that Tomb Raider model Alison Carroll would be out and about pimping out new phones and we'd have some pics? Well, we weren't lying - here's proof.

In the name of commercialism and a full set of bars on your phone, Lara Croft has turned to advertising mobiles in the midst of the credit crunch. And why not, the new Tomb Raider: Underworld DLC expected tomorrow has now been delayed.


Croft was there to launch two gaming handsets from Sony Ericsson, which happened to come pre-loaded with some games.

We said you might meet us there but we couldn't make it in the end. Hope you weren't too disappointed. However one of our spies was there and he took some pictures for our 'files'.