New online mode for FIFA 09

Strategic Ultimate Team mode coming next month

EA will release a new downloadable game mode for FIFA 09 called Ultimate Team.


Set to launch for PS3 and 360 on March 19 and described as a "game within the game", the mode will deliver a strategic online experience that sees you create and collect your dream team with which to compete.

"FIFA 09 Ultimate Team challenges gamers to collect or create the most talented football players in the world, develop them into a dream team and then compete online against a legion of challengers to be crowned the ultimate team," says EA.

"FIFA 09 Ultimate Team challenges gamers to collect 30 different types of bronze, silver and gold virtual cards, including Player, Staff, Contract, Formations, and Tactics, to create their fantasy team. Strategically collect and manage players and different types of cards, and then set the match strategy to win."

You'll be able to get a taster of Ultimate Team by creating a team with a starter package of players and virtual cards and playing a five game trial before deciding whether or not to buy it. Oh and you'll need a copy of FIFA 09 too.