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10 Greatest PS3 games

What are the essential PS3 games out now?

Hi, Ian here, we've been having a think here on the mag about what are the greatest PS3 games. Killzone 2 has caused a bit of a stir and has thrown up some interesting points of view. So what makes a game great? Or a terrible one.

It's not just Killzone 2, either. Many PS3 games divided opinion last year - Dead Space, Call Of Duty World At War, Mirror's Edge, Prince Of Persia all set gamers against each other and received very different scores.

Dead Space for example got almost zero coverage from games sites and mags, except PSW, we jumped on this one a year out from release and regularly ran coverage. But it was still a surprise to many to discover EA had managed to trump Capcom and deliver a stunning take on the survival horror genre.

So, if the world were to end and you had to scurry into a Vault Tech bunker what 10 games would you take? Would there be any guilty pleasures amongst the worthy titles like Call Of Duty 4. Maybe a copy of Turok would sneak in?

Likewise, would you omit any big names to stir controversy? Is there really room for GTAIV in a best 10? Was it hype over substance for Rockstar's flagship title.

Tell us your 10 essential PS3 games and why, no essays just the facts, and we'll print them in the mag.