360 gets Valentine's make-over

Posh suits and dresses for your little Xbox people

Xbox 360 Avatars have received a small clothing update in time for Valentine's Day... as if anyone's sad enough to dress their virtual people for the occasion. Ahem.

Men have the option to stick on a dark formal suit, says The Major, while the ladies have a lovely red 'Special K' dress to wear. That's not a Kellogg's-branded dress by the way.


"All clothing choices are free, and will remain available," he notes. "It is easy to tell what is new when you are in the avatar editor, just look for the gold star. Any item of clothing with a gold star is new since the last time you signed in to the avatar editor."

The last Avatar update added a bunch of dodgy football shirts. They're straight off Dagenham market, by the looks of 'em.