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Activision has three new IPs for 2009

Not all about Warcraft, Guitar Hero and CoD

Activision is often the target for criticism from gamers and the media, as the publisher has a strong focus on "exploiting" commercially successful franchises on an annual basis, often leading to accusations of so-called "milking."

But Activision Publishing CEO Mike Griffith explained in a Wednesday earnings call that the firm does intend to take a measured approach to new IP introductions, confirming that three new properties are on the way this year.

Griffith said that in 2009, Activision is to launch "two new, well-vetted and qualified Activision intellectual properties."

One of these titles will be in the racing genre, according to Griffith, and will presumably come from Project Gotham Racing house Bizarre Creations, which Activision acquired in 2007.

Griffith said the racing genre grew 34 percent in 2008 to become the fifth-largest genre. The name of Bizarre's racer has not been revealed.

The other new, wholly-owned property to launch this year is likely to be the sci-fi first-person action game, Singularity, developed by internal studio Raven Software.

"These genres are large, profitable" opportunities, Griffith said.

Activision will also be launching in 2009 Prototype (pictured), an action game by Radical Entertainment, a studio that became part of Activision as part its merger with Vivendi Games. "[It was] already largely already developed" when acquired, Griffith said.

He elaborated on Activision's approach to new IP: "With respect to intellectual property, we recognise how challenging it is to create and launch new franchises, which is why we want to limit our exposure to only a select few properties in a single year."

Article supplied by Edge-Online