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Sony: "Significant" new IPs will reinvigorate PSP

Company teases high profile launches for '09

Sony believes the launch of a number of unannounced high profile titles will boost UK PSP sales this year. And why not?


We know that Bend Studio's Resistance: Retribution is coming to the handheld next month, but the platform holder's also backing a number of other games to breathe new life into the format.

"This year we are also launching a host of significant PlayStation IPs on the PSP platform," Claire Backhouse, UK PSP product manager, told MCV.

"Granted, perhaps there hasn't been the volume of high profile PSP titles we would have liked to have seen on the platform," she acknowledged, "but, that said, we continue to focus heavily on software development.

"The fruits of this you'll see later this year, with the release of a number of currently unannounced, yet significant franchises that will reinvigorate the current user base, as well as attracting a whole new audience."