First details on Fallout 3: The Pitt

New weapons and quests in the steel-making industrial zone emerge via OXM

The first details on Fallout 3's second DLC pack, The Pitt, have arrived via the latest UK Official Xbox Magazine.

The Pitt takes place in Pittsburgh's steel-making industrial district, described by OXM as a "stunning dystopia that's unlike any other area in Fallout 3's world".


The Pitt consists of a large 'dungeon' area, an abandoned steel yard, as well as a settlement divided into two halves; Downtown, occupied by slaves, and Haven occupied by their masters.

For the first time players will be able to interact with Raiders other than by fighting them, says the mag, and one major quest has you taking on the role of a slave, investigating rumours that the Raider boss has found a cure for mutation.

Side quests and unique items are promised, naturally, including the fearsome-looking Auto Axe, which a bit like a chainsaw crossed with a Black & Decker hedge trimmer.

The Pitt is due for release in March.

Check out shots in OXM 44 on sale now, which also holds reviews of Halo Wars, Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena and Street Fighter IV among others. Hit this link for more details.