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Bomberman II

The misadventures of Tron bomb

Apart from his oddly huge legs, Bomberman's recent cosmetic surgery has gone well. Rather than a... well, whatever he was before, he's now an antivirus program, fighting in a silly sci-fi setting for the future of mankind.

The story may be nonsense, but it's the same classic Bomberman underneath. The single-player's been fleshed out: the game still involves blowing up enemies, but you'll now be rewarded with experience points for doing so. Equipment can also be acquired, hidden in the game's unlimited supply of breakable blocks. These affect your defence, speed and so on.


Bomber jacket
Purists might not like Bomberman's new Tron-inspired look, but it suits him. After too many tedious offshoots, it's nice to see the series stripped down: pick a stage, clear move on. Later levels are frantic, pitting you against ever-smarter foes, to a dwindling time limit.

You can compete with eight mates offline using just one copy of the game, or four over Wi-Fi. Multiplayer's largely unchanged from previous editions - that is, fantastic, tactical fun. This may not be the title to banish those SNES-flavoured memories of Bomberman's past, but it's tantalisingly close.

The verdict

Don't be put off by yet another attempt at reinvention: this one hasn't forgotten what the series is about.

Nintendo DS