Guild Wars 2 slips to 2010/2011

Sequel to popular MMO delayed as NCsoft profits slump

The follow-up to popular MMO guild wars has been delayed until 2010 at the earliest, its been revealed in an NCsoft earnings report.

According to the financial text, Guild Wars 2 is now planned for release between 2010 and 2011 - up to four years after its reveal in the beginning of 2007. Beta testing for the game was originally due to start last year.

It's similar bad news for another of NCsoft's MMOs, as Aion: Tower of Eternity slips back to the end of the year in North America, despite already doing the rounds in the Far East.

The company's profits dropped 40% to $20 million due to the late release of Aion, it said.

Spotted by Shacknews