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Alien vs. Predator out "early 2010"

Sega gets (a little more) specific

Sega has narrowed down the release of its new Alien vs. Predator game marginally, now sitting on "early 2010".

This confirmation has come in Sega's latest release schedule, following the info-starved announcement of the title last week.

Alien vs. Predator, currently only a working title, is being developed by Rebellion, who was responsible for the 1999 AVP game we hold dear to our hearts.

Here's the rest of the release schedule - all good stuff from Sega here:

  • Wii - Sonic and the Black Knight - 13th March 2009
  • PS3/ X360 - Virtua Tennis 2009 - May 2009
  • Wii - Let's Tap - Summer 2009
  • Wii/ DS - Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games - Late 2009
  • DS - Phantasy Star Zero - Added to 2009
  • Aliens Vs Predator - Added to Early 2010