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Beat Street Fighter champ, win TV

UK's Street Fighter champ taking challengers in London this Friday

The UK's "premier" Street Fighter IV player, Zak Bennet will be taking on challengers in London this Friday - and the first person who manages to beat the champ will win a 48" telly.

To celebrate the release of the excellent SFIV this Friday (read our review here), Capcom and Bennet will be holding a Guinness World Records attempt at HMV on Oxford street, for the most consecutive wins in the fourth game. Seeming as it's not out yet, we're confident he'll break the record.


Guinness World Records reps will be present at the venue, adjudicating Bennet's feat as he takes on row after row of contenders - and the first to beat him and ruin the record attempt will be rewarded with a massive 48" TV and home cinema surround sound system.

Apparently the number of minimum consecutive wins that Bennet needs to the record is ten, and the win streak cannot exceed four hours of play.

Fancy your chances?