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Nintendo signs up Smash Bros creator

Sakurai creates new studio to work on a "different" game

Nintendo has (rather wisely, if you ask us) signed up Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai to work on a new game for the company.

Sakurai, who also created pink blob Kirby back in the day, has founded a new company with Nintendo called Project Sora (not to be confused with his old studio, just 'Sora') to work on the game.


Speaking during the company's announcement today, Sakurai said the new game would not be a new Smash Bros title, but promised "an experience that's different from anything up until now." Finger's crossed it's not a bloody party game.

Nintendo owns 72 percent of the company, while Mr. Smash Bros takes up directing duties on the new game.

Project Sora currently has 30 employees and is looking for "talented individuals," says its very Japanese website (thanks to Kotaku for the translation).

Wii entry Smash Bros. Brawl sold over 6 million copies worldwide in 2008.