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Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection

Really the "ultimate" collection?

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Unfortunately Sega hasn't strengthened this point with online play or leaderboards which are sorely missed, though we appreciate the time and effort that would've been required to get Xbox Live and PSN play up and running.

Achievements (and Trophies), though easy as sin to collect, are nicely spread across titles to encourage you to give each game a go (if you're the type of player tempted by 20G you can earn in five minutes, anyway).

There aren't enough points to stick an Achievement on all 40-odd games, but most have an easy unlockable in the first level (e.g. Sonic's "collect a Chaos Emerald") to tempt you into the game, which potentially could be enough to leave you hooked.

Special mention goes to the three token 'hard' Achievements, such as that awarded for reaching level 11 in Vectorman 2. With the aid of level skip (who knew old issues of CVG would come in handy) it's the easiest 50G we've ever earned.

The problem with Ultimate Collection is, well... it's not quite the "Ultimate" Collection. We could sit here all day and list Mega Drive classics that have no doubt been 'strategically' left out for the inevitable sequel; Outrun, Earthworm Jim, Afterburner, Gunstar Heroes, Toejam and Earl, Space Harrier 2 to name a few.

While we're it at, we're particularly miffed on why Sonic 3 and Knuckles, arguably the best 2D Sonics ever made, which is the result of plugging Sonic 3 into Sonic and Knuckles' special cart, isn't included. The original games are already on the disc!

Insultingly, the 'did you know?' trivia section makes mention of Sonic & Knuckles' old lock-on capability, but the functionality is left out of the collection entirely. Which to us at least, is unforgivable.

Mega Drive Ultimate Collection is a nicely polished bundle with a ton of 16-bit memories. It's by no means the "Ultimate" collection and we hope Sega decides to follow it up with DLC rather than an inevitable full-price sequel.

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The verdict

Should be called the "Sega Mega Drive Really Good But Not Quite Ultimate Collection".

  • Fantastic presentation
  • Huge list of games
  • Achievements handled well
  • Stealth multiplayer hit
  • It's not the ultimate collection
  • No Sonic 3 & Knuckles is unforgivable
  • Online features next time, please?
Xbox 360