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Braid PC now not so expensive

Internet threw a wobbly, creator hastily drops price

The good news yesterday of Braid's March 31 release on PC was marred somewhat by the $19.95 (£14) price tag.

But it seems enough of you moaned about it to get creator Jonathan Blow to rethink the asking price, and drop it to $14.95 (£10.30). That's better, isn't it?


Blow gives his reasons: "Yesterday, Stardock announced that they would be selling Braid at the end of March for $19.95. This price has proven to be unpopular in certain areas of the Internets, so I've reduced it to $14.95," he confirmed.

"Some people have asked why I picked the $20 price point. The answer is, I just looked at some comparable games on the PC and saw how much they were charging," he said, but added: "Ultimately, I don't care that much about the PC release price. The XBLA version was nicely profitable, and my goal with the PC release is mainly to get the game out to a wider audience.

"Sure, it would be nice to earn the optimal amount of money from that release - I have interesting ideas for games that I want to make in the future, and making games is very expensive, and I will probably have to hire people to help! But ultimately, I would rather have people talking about the game itself, what they like and dislike about it, than about how many American Fiat Currency Dollars it costs," he said via his blog.

If you've already pre-ordered the game at the $19.95 price, you will only be charged $14.95 when the game is released, so no worries there.