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MadWorld dated

Platinum Games prepares to give Wii "something the console has been missing"

Sega's put a firm March 20 release date on the definitely not for kids Wii exclusive MadWorld.


The Platinum Games developed title will be hitting stores a month tomorrow then, and the title's producer Atsushi Inaba is readying for some criticism of the game's adult themes.

"In terms of the violence, we expected to have some criticism. But at the end of the day we are creating a game that is suitable only for a mature audience," he told MCV.

"Some people may take offence but you just can't please everyone. I hope that gamers will appreciate the game as a form of entertainment and not focus on the irreverent violent content.

"The Wii is the most popular console in the world but there are not many games tailored to adult gamers," he added, "so we thought we'd be able to give this audience something the console has been missing."

If you haven't already, check out our recent preview of the game here.