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XBL 'Deal of the Week' returns

Braid up first for a price cut

After a successful but short-lived run before Christmas, Microsoft has resurrected the Xbox Live Deal of the Week, and the first download commodity up for discount is the excellent Braid.

Starting today the (award winning, apparently) puzzle platformer is available for 800 Microsoft points (£6.80), a 33 percent reduction from its previous 1200 points. If you haven't already, we recommend you get it.


The deal's available only to Xbox Live Gold members, says Microsoft, and it's trying to make sure that XBL deals are available to all regions.

Forthcoming Xbox Live deals include discounts (between 25% and 50% apparently) on game add-ons for Ninja Gaiden II and Project Gotham Racing 4, as well as the original Xbox version of Fable.