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More Crackdown devs join Ruffian

But is it working on a sequel?

Speculation has grown that newly-formed Scottish studio Ruffian Games is working on a sequel to 360-exclusive Crackdown, after it unveiled the hiring of more developers behind the original game this morning.

Core members from the original Realtime Worlds team including lead designer Billy Thomson and Gaz Liddon of Crackdown tech team Xen Group, are already at Ruffian.


Ruffian have since appointed Crackdown senior mission designer, Steve Iannetta as well as Ed Campbell who was a designer on the first game, the company said this morning.

The two newcomers will now serve as lead designer and senior designer respectively on whatever Ruffian's working on.

"Given the abundance of talent, the chance to work with old friends on an ground breaking project and to be back in my beloved home town of Dundee, being a part of the Ruffian team is easily the most exciting opportunity I have ever been presented with." said Iannetta.

Late last year Microsoft Game Studios boss Phil Spencer dropped a major hint on the sequel, stating that the original Crackdown was one of his favourites, "I'll leave it at that."

Fingers crossed we're not disappointed. We loved Crackdown.