New Just Cause 2 Details In PSW: Best sandbox game yet?

The latest issue of PSW has a world exclusive on Just Cause 2

There were many imitators of GTAIII but the original Just Cause was something different. The game world was huge and featured jungles and sandy beaches.

Where other lazy GTA-a-likes went for urban decay; Just Cause ditched criminals and gangs in favour of espionage and all out chaos.

Post-GTAIV there is clearly room for a free-roaming game that offers the chance to interact with the game world on an overblown level. Mercenaries 2 promised this but failed to deliver. In Just Cause 2 the scope for playing with the game world is limited only by your imaginative use of explosives, grappling hooks and a game world the equivalent of 252,840 football pitches. Get the issue, we show you just what's in store.

There's also the UK's first unofficial review of Resident Evil 5, no spoilers just honest opinion on one of the most anticipated games of the last three and a half years. Does it match up to the hype? Find out this issue.

The third biggie is another look at Uncharted 2. Sony's best-looking game for this year has 'traversal gameplay'. What that is, how it works and why you should love it is all explained in this issue!

PSW 118 is on sale now and comes with a free double-sided DVD and a guidebook for Killzone 2.