New Wii controller: "No plans" for Europe

Classic Controller Pro Japan only

Nintendo has unveiled a new controller for the Wii. But before you get excited it's not the fabled Wii Remote with Motion Plus built in, it's the Classic Controller Pro, a normal Classic Controller with prongs sticking out the bottom.

Due for release this summer in Japan, the pad also differs from the bog standard Classic Controller by adding some extra shoulder buttons, DualShock style. Presumably this means we'll be able to play GameCube games with it.


There's no pricing information or current indication that it'll be released over here, but we imagine it will eventually.

You may be able to read more about it on the company's website here if you speak Japanese, but we don't.

We've asked Nintendo UK for a comment.

UPDATE: Nintendo UK tells us there are currently "no plans at the moment" to bring the controller to Europe.