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Walkthrough: PSW takes you through the campaign - Pt. 1

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The Nemesis Covoy is under attack, but that's OK because you'll find yourself near a heavy machinegun emplacement. Kill all the Helghast hat are near the convoy and notice how full of smoke and dust everything is getting. It's ok, because the gun's aiming reticule will turn red when it's over an enemy soldier so fire through the detritus and you will get some big fat kills. Follow the waypoint and join the convoy held up in the storm drain.


On your way to rejoin the Nemesis Convoy you will see your first Helghast Symbol. Shoot it. In the next room where you encounter Helghast there's some metal fencing that's obscuring another Helghast Symbol. Shoot it, and then follow the waypoint so you can meet Jeffries and his platoon of soon-to-be-dead soldiers in a dropship.

Watch them get totally wasted by a Helghast RPG fired from a nearby building and run and man a nearby gun emplacement. While it's tempting to shoot the Helghast in the building opposite directly, don't bother.

Just shoot out all the building's concrete supports and the building will collapse. Don'tget too excited, though - this is a set-piece and most other buildings are indestructible. This isn't Bad Company.


Now follow the waypoint and go and see if any of Jeffries men survived the attack. You'll see one survivor, but he will get aced in a scripted scene so don't feel bad as there really was nothing you could have done. Well, you can get revenge, so kill the Helghast responsible and pick up the rocket launcher.

Fire a missile at the weak spot on the door marked with the Heghast symbol. Go through the door and look under the stairs where you will find another piece of Helghast Intel. Follow the waypoint like a good little soldier.


You'll need to defend the Nemesis Convoy from RPG attack. Take out all nearby Helghast and then take cover and take out all the Helghast hiding in the small building using the iron sight of your weapon to shoot the heads of enemies who are mostly protected by the gun emplacements they are using.

Pick up the Rocket Launcher and use it on the Helghast Tank, then discard it for standard arms. Mop up remaining infantry units with well-aimed small arms fire and move along the Dam. Beware that in the next room you will be attacked by Helghast shooting down from a blast hole in the ceiling, so look up and be prepared.

Go down the ladder and pick up another Rocket Launcher and use it on the Helghast Tank that will attack. Kill it with missiles and then swp it for an Assault Rifle that you will find on the floor. Fall back to Alpha's position and take control of the ISA Tank. Use its machineguns to wipe out remaining Helghast and take out the other Helghast tanks that attack, then reunite with Alpha and, with the local population oh Helghast dead, it's off to that bit of Killzone 2 that formed the demo released at E3 in 2005



You'd have thought that some form of reconnaissance mission would have saved everyone from suffering this next bit, but no. Helghast Arc Towers are causing a bloody nuisance to ISA armoured units by ruining them with lightning. Decent ISA soldiers are dying, so rendezvous with Captain Narville who will send you and Garza to take out the towers. Use an explosive charge on the door to the left and enter the corridor. Look to the left and you'll find more Intel. Follow the waypoint.


Keep on following the waypoint until you get to a junction where it suggests you should go to the right. Ignore this suggestion and go left where you'll find another Helghast Symbol to shoot. Return to following the waypoint and look out for a building with wooden shutters.

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