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Killzone 2 Guide

Walkthrough: PSW takes you through the campaign - Pt. 1

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The booth also contains a very powerful Heavy Machine Gun that's particularly powerful and accurate if you fire it from a static and crouching position. Eventually a gunship carrying more Helghast will arrive, but just lob grenades onto their landing zone (as defined by the ropes that fall from the gunship) and mop up the rest, if any, with standard arms. Prepare for an assault from beyond the gunship's drop zone.

More Helghast are going to attack from a cable car. Kill 'em, and then get ready to fight a pair of Heavy Weapon Helghast that will come down either side of the square - right in front of the two gun emplacements you have access too.

Man the gun emplacement on the left and blast one in the head quickly, and then spray the tanks on his backs when they turn round in pain. Get to the right-hand emplacement and do the same to the other Heavy Weapon's Helghast that's attacking from the right. Well done, the Square is secured and the level is over.



Blast the blue power node that's making electricity block the sewer entrance and enter. Move on through and you will hear some Helghast moan that Colonel Radec has had just had a trooper executed for uniform violation. Kill them from the cover of the sewer pipe and solve their problem for them, exit the pipe and turn right and shoot the explosives rigged to the laser tripwire or 'trip beam' if you will.

Move up the path and drop a grenade down to the level that you will get to via the ladder and you'll kill the Helghast below. The room you'll find yourself in contains a Helghast Symbol that should be shot and then climb the other set of ladders.


The Helghast seem to place weapons depending on how they are planning to hide from attackers and so when you find the weapon rack that contains the Flamethrower you'll know that you are about to enter a scene that can act as a stage for a master class in its use.

Pick up the weapon and move on to a multi-levelled area. Helghast will land from a gunship and take up position above you, and will be protected by plenty of cover. Helpfully the Flamethrower fires a long arc of napalm that can get right up to the enemy's position and burn them to death.

It's certainly a much better way of dealing with them than attempting to use guns or even grenades. Follow the waypoint up through the tower and look for Intel hiding on a desk in a room near a window. Now Rendezvous with Garza and again notice how much of a character he really is. It really would be a terrible thing if he were to get hurt.


Should you have kept hold of the Flamethrower you will be able to use it to great affect and be able to burn the next set of Helghast to merry hell without them being able to shoot back. Look for them standing behind some sandbags and flame on! The same fiery death can easily be brought to the enemies in the machine gun nest located above your position, when they are all dead set a charge on the artillery and detonate it from a safe distance.

Follow the waypoint and use a gun nest to kill more enemies and move on to join Garza as he hacks a door lock. Ready your weapon, because as soon as that door opens you will face a bunch of Helghast who will attack immediately. You'll now find yourself in a communications room and hear a broadcast from Radec about a defence system.

In a room nearby you'll find another new weapon: the LS23 Shotgun. Take it if you like to make one-shot kills at close range and follow Garza up some stairs while being mindful that you'll encounter some waiting Helghast. Shoot them to death and plant the charges and detonate them. Now follow Garza and you will receive a message from Eveyln. Follow the waypoint down some holes in the floor, take some stairs and follow a corridor into the Corinth Shanties.

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