Killzone 2 Guide

Walkthrough: PSW takes you through the campaign - Pt. 1

Welcome to Operation Archangel. It has been two long and bloody years since the Helghast left their home world of Helghan and attacked the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance colony of Vekta. Now it's time to take the fight right back to the enemies doorstep, invade Helghan's capital city of Pyrrhus and bring Emperor Scolar Visaro to justice.

While the main arm of the ISA's military assault the city directly Alpha Squad is sent in to go behind Helghan lines. As Sergeant Tomas Sevchenko it's your job to bring the war to the enemy's doorstep, knock on their door and then kick it down without even waiting for an answer. It's not going to be easy, but with this guide your chances of survival will be improved considerably.


The game starts as Sev regains consciousness after a restful slumber on the battle cruiser The New Sun, and checks himself out in a mirror. The time for sleeping is at an end. The time of kicking as has just begun.

Start by following Corporal Dante Garza to the launch bay and note how full of life he is. It would certainly be wrong for anything unfortunate to happen to him. After meeting Sergeant Rico Velasquez and Killzone: Liberation's Evelyn Batton and Colonel Jan Templar, the main character from both Killzone and Killzone: Liberation follow the waypoint (by pressing on the D-pad) and enter the dropship just in time to watch a cut-scene that's as good a homage to a similar scene in Aliens as you are ever likely to see.

An unexpected level of enemy resistance has forced Alpha Squad and the Nemesis armoured convoy to land far from their original drop zone. Move on to the right and round to the left and prepare to shoot some Helghast located on the building to your front as well as to your left. Your main target is the bridge, so after making sure you are safe from attack from all angles pick up the nearby Rocket Launcher and shoot the middle of the bridge and trigger an almighty explosion. Pretty, isn't it?


The beach is covered with anti tank obstacles which also provide impenetrable cover. Take cover behind one of these obstacles and wait for the two Helghast APCs to unload their platoons of soldiers with a grenade ready. Chuck it when the enemy are still in a group and mop up any stragglers with your gun. The beach is now secured. If only Omaha was so easy...


The Nemesis Convoy can't proceed until Sev and Rico have fought their way to the control room so they can open the city's flood gate. Follow the waypoint and take a boost from Rico and enter the flood gate complex where you'll find two M82 Assault Rifles. Look to the level below and you'll see a group of unsuspecting Helghast. Cook a grenade for two seconds by holding the throw button and throw it into the group. By cooking the grenade you are shortening its fuse and so be warned that it will explode in your hand if you don't throw it in time.

Shoot the red barrel to take out the other Helghast and mop up the rest with direct gunfire. Follow the waypoint and prepare to give Rico cover as he uses his impressive hacking skills to bypass a security lock.

Enter the room and you'll find some STA24 Rifles which, because they are very accurate at long range, should be used to kill the Helghast in the building opposite before you venture to the Flood Gate Control mechanism. Turn its wheel and wonder if it really was necessary to require you to use Six-Axis tilt control to do so. Follow the waypoint and pick up your first bit of Helghast Intel.

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