Killzone 2 Guide Pt. 2

Guide: Campaign guide Pt. 2

Follow us as we walk you closer to Vasari and the final showdown on Helghan. Here's part two of PSW's guide to Killzone 2's main campaign.



This bridge is littered with anti-vehicle obstacles that are just perfect for pro-infantry assaults. You will suffer a much longer fight if you don't move from cover to cover, running up to close in on the enemy's position. Make use of the time spend running by reloading on the trot.

Either take out the machine gun nests using grenades or by flanking to one side and attacking from outside its arc of fire. The nest to the small shelter on the right contains a Grenade Launcher. Pick it up and follow the waypoint that will take you beneath the bridge and on to an anti-aircraft gun that has been causing ISA all sorts of troubles.


You are going to face Helghast troops hiding behind cover as well as the AA gun that is being used to blast ISA troops. It's ok, though, because you've got a Grenade Launcher and can use it to take out the troops while a nearby weapons rack will furnish it with extra ammunition.

Rain explosive death upon your enemies and swap to standard arms to mop up any the explosions may have missed while moving forward and ducking behind cover. Lob a grenade at the AA gun and move up to its location.

You'll be told to use the AA gun against more Helghast but you should be warned that it makes a very obvious target so you'll be advised to use standard arms to kill any enemies that pose an immediate threat before climbing on board the gun and finishing the rest with some truly devastating firepower.

Now get off your ass and follow te waypoint to find the bridge control mechanism. Use the mechanism and you will enable the Nemesis convoy to make their way down Salamun Bridge.


Now you'll have to fight on the bridge yet again. Helghast with RPGs are your main concern since they are the greatest threat to the convoy's integrity. Also note friendly tanks will only advance if you do, so push on between points of cover and make sure you aren't standing in front of one of your own tanks or, should you trigger an advance, you'll get run over - and that's really, really, really frustrating.

The bridge has plenty of Missile Launchers on it, as well as Sniper Rifles. On the left of the bridge you'll see a small control shed that, should you run for it, provides excellent cover and thereby an ace sniping spot.

When all the Helghast are dead and you get to the buggy you will trigger a cut-scene. You'd expect to have to drive the buggy yourself, but thankfully you are saved such tedium and so you will automatically arrive outside Radec's Academy where, if you look up between the building's red banners, you will see a Helghast Symbol. Shoot it, and enter the Academy's entrance hall. Run straight in and take the stairs to the mezzanine level where you will find it a lot easier to shoot Helghast that would otherwise have caught you in a genuine kill zone.


It's quiet, too quiet, so just follow the waypoint through the Academy where it will become noisy, too noisy. The ATAC that attacked you in a previous cut-scene will make its presence known as you run like hell to the rooftop to deal with it.


Now that your handily separated from other members of Alpha Squad it's time to deal with the mid-game boss - the ATAC. Immediately pick up the Rocket Launcher and swap to your pistol.

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