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Killzone 2 Guide Pt. 2

Guide: Campaign guide Pt. 2

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The ATAC will attack from your front, right and left so make sure you are aware where it is (this is where a decent sound system will pay dividends) and keep the concrete column between you and it.

When the ATAC flies to either the right or left take appropriate cover and shoot the blue power nodes it will hover above. The resulting explosion of energy will stall the ASAC and enable you amble time to launch a missile attack at it. Try and fire a missile without pausing the ATAC and it will simply dodge out of the way.

If you run out of missile ammo or find this method of assault too scary then run toward one of the pwer nodes, decend some steps and you will find and underground tunnel that will provide even more protection that the column above.

There are missiles down there too, so you can shoot the power nodes with the pistol and follow up with a missile strike with relative safety.

Well done, you've just kicked the ATACs shiny metal ass and, as the convoy approaches the academy, it's looking as if ISA are about to finally get a decent whiff of victory.

But oh no, what's this. Just as the convoy gets close a massive bullshit machine rises from the ground and destroys it with lightning. Well that's just cheap, and so Sev is sent out to find out where the device gets its power from and follows its power lines the remote village of Suleja.



Welcome to the badlands, so called because... there really isn't much to do which is bad - for an action game. Follow the waypoint and notice that there's no one to kill... yet.


And on you go following Rico through a deserted village where an ISA infantry has gone missing and is presumed dead. Rico will find some blood trails at a doorway and instantly know that such a sight suggests bad things. Go through the door and enter a complex that will lead you to the Maintenance Office.


Now things are going to get tasty, very tasty indeed. You'll find a weapons rack holding a VC21 Boltgun. Pick it up and get used to its weight because it is about to become your new best friend. Press the button on the far wall and pick up the Intel. Once the switch has been pulled another door will open.

Exit the maintenance office and battle the next set of Helghast by killing them with a single bolt that will make your target fly backward and impale them on background scenery. If that isn't pleasing enough for you then you've got to love the way the bolt will then explode and cause minor splash damage to all around.

Now follow the waypoint into an underground bunker where you will find giant spiders that will zap you with electricity should you get too close to them. Take them out with a single shot from your pistol and move on through.


Once you exit the underground bunker you will find that you have arrived in a near-perfect sniper ally where Helghast Scouts have taken up position and will kill you with a single shot if you let their targeting lasers make contact with you. The Boltgun has an impressive range, and can take out a few snipers with ease.

Run to the left of the map and sneak up through the narrow walkways of the facility and you will be able to get the drop on more snipers while keeping cover between you and the snipers located on the left of the ally. If you are feeling especially fancy you will be able to find a sniper with his back turned to you who you can stab with your knife.

Follow the waypoint and you will find long metal walkway that terminates with humongous antenna that you need to activate. Take the path below the walkway and you'll easily get to the antenna's control.

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