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74% of parents think gaming is educational

So says Microsoft 'play safe, play smart' survey

74% of UK parents believe that games are educational, according to a new Microsoft 'Play Safe, Play Smart' study.

MS says the study "uncovers the differing views of parents and children when it comes to attitudes to safe gaming".


The findings of the survey back up a statement issued by the European Parliament's Internal Market Committee, which stated that games "broadly beneficial effect on the mental development of children", and that "video games do not only have a recreational value, but can also be used for educational and medical purposes". Except for Mirror's Edge. That's good for nobody (yes, we've been playing/getting frustrated with it recently).

Apparently, 61% of UK parents state that games are a great social experience, 52% feel gaming brings their families together and 80% see the pastime as a vital component in a balanced blend of modern and traditional entertainment.

73% of UK parents are aware of parental controls on game consoles while 94% feel personally responsible for checking the age rating of the games their kids play... but obviously don't.

"We are very encouraged to see that so many parents are using the PEGI age rating system," said Interactive Software Federation of Europe boss Simon Little.