Army of Two 2 reveal next week?

EA Montreal promises game unveil on March 12

Army of Two developer EA Montreal has confirmed is set to unveil a new game project next week, sparking speculation that a sequel to the manly co-op shooter is on the way.

The new game will be detailed in a press release set to be fired out on Thursday, March 12, according to an invitation sent to US press.


On Monday, March 9 "local media" are invited to attend a presentation at the studio, impressions and interviews from which will appear the following week on the internet on March 16.

No clues have been given as to the game's identity, but considering Army of Two is the studio's only major recent release bar Boogie Superstar and Skate It, a sequel sounds on the money. Unless, of course, it's a new IP... then the speculative world would be completely wrong.

Check back next week for the goods.

Thanks to Shack News for the spot.