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The History Of Resident Evil

Article: Resi for dummies (or in case you'd just forgot)

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Nemesis is a biological weapon, in this case programmed to seek out and destroy S.T.A.R.S. members. In a neat twist, Jill is helped throughout the game by members of Umbrella's clean-up squad who appear to be as much in the dark as she is. Or are they...?

As mentioned earlier, the first part of the game takes place before the events in RE2, and the second part takes place after. So while Jill is fighting desperately for her life, so are Claire and Leon...


Release: 2000


  • Claire Redfield
  • Chris Redfield
  • Steve Burnside

Far from being simply another Resident Evil title on a new platform, Code Veronica was been hailed as the best Resident Evil to date. The game harnessed the power of the Dreamcast to produce the most believable and detailed graphics the series has seen to date, with the pre-rendered backgrounds being replaced by beautifully textured polygons that allow dynamic camera movement similar to Capcom's Dino Crisis. The game also features truly spectacular CG movies that are seamlessly blended with gameplay to create an amazing effect.

The story and gameplay are also up to Resident Evil standards, and the controls have remained largely unchanged from Resident Evil 2, with the addition of a quick 180-degree turn. Once again, there are two main characters, although their adventures are not totally separate. One small but worthwhile detail is the game's use of the Dreamcast VMU to display your health.

Completing Code Veronica will unlock the hidden battle mode, where you play a timed mission with several secret characters (including an alternate version of Chris Redfield and a familiar face from the first Resident Evil). Code Veronica also has a hidden first-person mode, which you earn by picking up the sniper rifle.

Three months after the events in Resident Evil 2, and after surviving the horrific onslaught in Racoon City, Claire continues to search for her missing brother, Chris. Following new clues regarding her missing brother and Umbrella Corporation's insidious activities she arrives in Europe but soon finds that her terrifying ordeal is far from over...

In her search, she is captured for trespassing in the Umbrella Paris HQ, and sent to an isolated prison on a desolate South Atlantic island. While it remains a mystery how Chris, one of the original S.T.A.R.S. team members, appears in Resident Evil: Code Veronica, players will be reacquainted with his iron will, body of steel and munitions expertise to seek the truth behind the dreaded Umbrella bio-toxins.


Release: 2000


  • Ark
  • Lot
  • Lilly

For the first time the Resident Evil series strays from the path of 3rd person perspective in this first person shoot-em-up designed for use with the light gun peripheral.

First there was Raccoon City, but unknown to the rest of the world another town is also mutating into a chaotic nightmare from the deadly T-Virus. Attempting to flee the carnage, a solitary helicopter loses control and crash-lands in the heart of the chaos. As one lone survivor comes to, the sound of screaming and other monstrous sounds surround him. Dazed and unsure where he is or why he is there, he embarks on a nightmarish adventure where cunning and quick reflexes are the key to survival.


Release: 2001
Platform:PlayStation 2

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