"New game announcements" at Resi 5 party

Capcom to name new game(s?) at Friday launch event

Capcom is to make "new game announcements" at its official Resident Evil 5 launch party this Friday, the company has confirmed.

Speaking via the company's official blog, a company spokesperson said the San Francisco event will have "plenty going on" to keep fans busy.


"For starters, there will be a whole tent dedicated to the game where tons of kiosks will be set up and players will get a chance to get their hands on the game before grabbing it at midnight.

"You'll also have the chance to win prizes and giveaways, meet the development team including co-producers, Takeuchi-san and Kawata-san and hang out with the motion capture/voice actors that played Chris, Sheva and Josh. To top it all off there will be new game announcements, stage shows, and Resident Evil activities all through out the night," the blog reads.

A Capcom marketing man recently blabbed that Wii Resident Evil fans will be "very happy very soon", which has sparked rumours that this "game announcement" could be another remake of a past Resi game. What are the bets on a Resi 2 or Code Veronica remake? Both would be very welcome in this office.