Resident Evil 5 Guide Pt.1

Walkthrough: Acts one to three mapped out

Resident Evil 5 can be a tough cookie to crack, but thankfully we have a man on hand to brave the chainsaws and axe-toting mentalists.

He's crafted a complete walkthrough just for you. Need to find the best weapons in every level, or scope out the weak-points on the game's bosses? They're all in here, plus a load of other handy hints. Don't brave the darkest depths of Resi 5's Africa without it.

Chris and Sheva arrive at Kijuju town in search of Irving; a nasty piece of work who's up to no good. It's clear they're unwelcome, but they never imagined it would turn out to be quite as hostile as this...

This Act's most powerful weapons...

Get Act 1's most powerful weapons by sprinting past the Executioner majini once he destroys the gate. The VZ61 is on the right, past the final building.
Boost Sheva up the first two broken ladders to spot and collect the Ithaca M37 shotgun hut key. It unlocks the blue door of the small hut opposite the balcony the blonde girl is attacked on.

Finding the town fight too tough? Try hiding instead...

Start off by barricading yourself in the opening house by pushing the two bookcases against the entrances. When the Executioner majini appears, run past him, take a left, hop the fence and climb the ladder to your left.

You'll now be above the room you began in. Climb the ladder in the back to reach the roof of the building. Up here you'll find a stash of hand grenades to keep the majini at bay. Not that you'll need them... Enemies can only climb up onto the roof by the ladder or the ladder itself. Apart from the Executioner, who can't reach you at all. Convenient.

Want to beat the Executioner? Here's how you do it...

Knife all the piles of fruit for hand grenades and ammunition. You'll need it all to win. Grenades are key. Grab some from the stash mentioned in 'Get To High Ground' and from the two houses in the middle of the town.

Every time you see the Executioner drop to one knee you'll need to run in close and take a swing for some extra damage. Don't forget to use explosives. There are red barrels all over the town which eat chunks of the Executioner's health.

Power transformers are another useful tool. Shoot them when the Executioner's close and then let rip with the Uzi.

A new enemy type awaits, and she's a right toughie...

Think you can save her? Think again. Make sure you grab the shotgun from the nearby hut and prepare for one hell of a struggle.
Shoot her head and this erupts. Make sure you stand back and just go crazy with the shotgun. Hitting the growth is best but her body will suffice. Even when she's down you can still get sliced, so keeping your distance is a must.

The first boss is easy as long as you follow these instructions...

Collect the furnace key from the dead body by the control panel and head back the way you came. Don't bother tackling it head on. Once Uroboros appears it's time to retreat back to the furnace.

There are two upright gas canisters. Run in a clockwise route and knock each of them over. Then lure the Uroboros into the furnace after it's swallowed a gas can. Aim for the can and...

...boom! With the Uroboros licking its wounds there's just enough time to kill it off with some heat. Hit the switch by the furnace's right door to close both exits and burn the oily monster to death.

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