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Resident Evil 5 Guide pt.2

Walkthrough: Acts four to six sorted

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You've got to survive this fight for seven long minutes. Head to the blue door to your right and Wesker will smash you through. This gives you the run of the paddock...

Use your map to track Wesker and stay ahead by running laps around the one-way circuit. Jill doesn't show up on the map, so grab her from behind and let Sheva knock her out if you spot her alone.

There's plenty of cover in the upper levels but there's no point in using it. Wesker will soak up a couple of bullets and simply dodge the rest. Survival's your only goal.


You need to stay close to Jill to win this one. Run up behind her and keep her steady. Hold her there until Sheva shoots Jill's mind control chip.

Jill usually fights back afterwards, so get ready to dodge as soon as she breaks free from your grasp. Keep at it and Sheva will knock Jill down. All that remains is to rip the device from Jill's chest.

Smell that sea breeze. Chris and Sheva chase Wesker onto a container ship, where his monstrous plan begins to unfold. Can you stop him in time? It's tricky.

This Act's most powerful weapons...

After entering the ship you'll descend a stairwell. The shotgun's on the bottom deck.

The rocket launcher's in a case over in the darkest corner. Look at the plane: it's behind you on the right.

Sheva's lucky not to be crushed by the giant cage that's trapping her but Chris' luck has expired...

The controls to raise the cage are on a high platform behind Chris. First you need a keycard. This monster's the duvalia. The only weak point is this tangle of ribs and flesh hanging from its left leg.

A single flash grenade will knock it out though, exposing its fleshy interior for easy killing. With keycard in hand you need to escape this makeshift jail. Shoot the container controls here to reopen your route.

Did Excella listen? Of course not! Instead she morphs into a freakazoid, and you've got to put her down...

When she first changes you'll need to escape her clutches by perfecting a tricky QTE. Interesting fact: you can press the wrong one before the correct button and you won't get penalised...

Fast-forward ten minutes and she's more than doubled in size. See those yellow bulbous growths? Yep, they're your targets. Use the keycard on the panel opposite what was Excella to get the laser device. Now climb one of the nearby ladders and start shooting.

You need to 'paint' a weak point for about three seconds before the laser kicks in. After each successful hit the monster spits out small worm sacks. Ditch your laser and take them out with your shotgun.

Keep painting the targets and dodging the arms if you fail to lock in time. The laser takes time to charge, so use another weapon while it warms up.

When the smaller growths are down the main one will be revealed. Hit this and prepare to do it all again. And again. She does die eventually but this is a long battle

This is the last scrap before you fight the end boss. Good luck!

Two bugs appear as soon as you open the second blast doors. Quickly take them out with a Magnum before the chaingun majini arrive. When the gunners appear, drop down into the left trench and leap the gap. Now climb the left ladder to find an extremely useful gatling gun.

Jump on and you'll have enough time to kill one of the gunners, which makes life much easier for everyone concerned. Apart from them, of course. Tell Sheva to take over the gun controls and go fetch the keycard from gunner no.1. The aim is to lure the second gunner out into the open.

If the gunner chases Sheva things are a little tougher. Instruct her to fall back and fire from the main platform. When he's near enough you can return to the turret and finish him.

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