Resident Evil 5 Guide pt.2

Walkthrough: Acts four to six sorted

Resident Evil 5 can be a tough cookie to crack, but thankfully we had a man on hand to brave the chainsaws and axe-toting mentalists.

Here's part two of his comprehensive guide to surviving the swarms.

[You can find part one of this guide here.]

A network of caves and ruins is your next port of call. The locals here look primitive, but they've harnessed the power of the sun with some deadly consequences.

Deep into the ruins you'll be attacked by a stream of giant balls. Here's how you beat them.

Ignore the pots. Don't even attempt to collect ammo or treasure or else you'll be squished into the floor. Return to the giant crank in the middle of the room and call Sheva over. The two of you will then open the exit door.

The door starts to close... Time your run so that you dash between the two right balls. The trap will stop, letting you collect ammo. The next corridor isn't safe either. You'll need to sprint and leap over three gaps. The third leap is then followed by another quick QTE.

It's back, and it's... easier than ever?

This fight is dead simple. Run straight past the Popokarimu and up the staircase. One QTE later and it's all over. More importantly, your ammunition supply remains untouched.

Forget the majini, your biggest worries in the underground city are the two deadly sunbeams.

On second thought, don't forget the majini entirely. Make your way over to the sky emblem in the top left corner. There's plenty of cover here, so duck into an alcove whenever a beam approaches.

When Sheva's grabbing the emblem you can kill the left beam's operator. You'll also be attacked by two giant majini; we never said it was going to be easy...

Act four concludes with a series of lightbeam puzzles.

Grab the mirrors and bounce the light to the circular stone with the lift. AI Sheva will climb to safety, but a co-op player might not. Don't move the beam until she's safe.

Ignore the box here. It's a trap. There are three exits to this room, two of them with enemies (and gold) inside. The level end is down the long corridor to the south.

Chris discovers the source of Umbrella's progenitor virus, and a top secret underground lab beside it. It looks like Tricell have resumed Umbrella's work, and the lab isn't as empty as everyone first assumed.

This Act's most powerful weapons...

The powerful AK-74 is in the control room off the corridor just past the first two lickers. It's on the right, just before you exit the level. Talk about out in the open... You'll spy the Sig 556 on the table by the conveyor belts with all the 'dead' test subjects. Grab it now while there's nothing about...

The case with the H&K PS-1 is in the small generator room you need to use to power up the horizontal platform. You'll probably be in a hurry - it's just after the reapers attack.

Head up to the last room on this arena's top level and push the coffin open with Sheva. Inside are two gems and a useful magnum. Don't waste bullets on Wesker at this point - you can't kill him.

Resident Evil 2's lickers make a welcome return, albeit in a new, genetically superior, beta modification. These babies are tough.

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