First GTA: Chinatown Wars review is in

"Every bit as good as any other GTA," says Official Nintendo mag

The latest issue of the Official Nintendo Magazine UK brings with it the first review of the brilliant GTA: Chinatown Wars, slapping it with a huge 94 percent score.

"With the arrival of Chinatown Wars, the DS can now boast a GTA title that's every bit as compelling, impressive and fun to play as its home console cousins. If not more so," gushes the review.


"While some might suggest that hosting a Grand Theft Auto game on DS would prove to be a restrictive, watered-down experience, we'd argue that the opposite is true," it adds.

The full six page review is in issue 41 of the Official Nintendo Magazine, in subscribers' hands now and on news-stands Friday. Look out for our review next week.