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PSM3's Resident Evil Week: The 10 most memorable moments in Resident Evil history

From Lickers to Brad Vickers, PLUS! PSM3 Podcast Update

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5. Resident Evil 4
The Regenerators

If there's anything scarier than a monster that never dies, it's one that has spikes that burst out of its body like a puffer fish whenever you get near it. But the worst thing about the Regenerators is how much they seem to enjoy scaring you. They lurch towards Leon slowly, seemingly unconcerned by his presence, with a giant, terrifying grin on their face. Shudder. The real genius here, however, is how you kill them. You have to use a thermal imagining rifle scope to target and shoot the Las Plagas parasites hidden within its jelly-like body.

6. Resident Evil Code: Veronica
Steve's father

Steve is historically one of Resident Evil's most hateful characters, but this moment reveals that behind his brash exterior lies a fragile soul tortured by his father's involvement with UMBRELLA. His dear old dad becomes a zombie for his sins and Steve is forced to kill him with a pair of uzis to save Claire. Touching madness. "FAAATTTTHEEEEERRRR!" *buddabuddabuddabudda*

7. Resident Evil 2
Leon's ending

Both Leon and Claire's endings are similar, and both end with a frantic train escape from the underground lab, but it's Leon's closing line that makes his the best: "It's up to US to take out UMBRELLA!" [heavy rock music plays, credits roll]. It gives us goosebumps even now. It's also nice that after 12 hours of perpetual gloom and darkness, the game ends outdoors with sunshine and a blue sky.

8. Resident Evil 4
Mike's sacrifice

One of the most powerful scenes in Resi 4 comes towards the end of the game when 'Mike', a faceless helicopter pilot, saves Leon from a swarm of rocket-toting Ganados. The hero swoops in, knocks over a petroleum tower and ignites it, burning the zombie swines to a crisp. But just as he saves Leon for a second time, a survivor lets rip with an RPG and Mike goes down in flames; moments after Leon promising that they should go for a beer together. Sniff.

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