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PSM3's Resident Evil Week: The 10 most memorable moments in Resident Evil history

From Lickers to Brad Vickers, PLUS! PSM3 Podcast Update

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9. Resident Evil Outbreak
The infection spreads

This classy CG intro shows the moment the T-virus spread from the perspective of a rat, kickstarting the entire Resident Evil series. We see William Birkin being cornered in his lab, turning into the Tyrant and making rat food out of the UMBRELLA special forces unit sent to kill him. And we all know what happens when rats contract deadly diseases and run rampant through a city's sewer system. That's right: ZOMBIES. Lots of zombies.

10. Resident Evil
Fighting the Tyrant

Freedom is so close. Brad's hovering overhead in his helicopter, but he can't land because there's the small matter of a GIANT MUTATED MONSTER running loose on the landing pad. And to make matters worse, the mansion is going to explode in less than 2 minutes. Cue one of the most tense and furious boss battles in the entire series. Pray you've got some first aid sprays because one swipe of the Tyrant's massive claw and you'll be down to 'danger'. His pixelated demise at the hands of a rocket launcher-equipped Jill Valentine is a real air punching moment. Man, we love Resi.

Sound fair? Have we missed any of Resi's stand out moments? (Clue: Yes). Let us know what you think below.



p.s. PODCAST UPDATE! The bumper two and a half hour PSM3 Podcast#16 will be ready on Monday. Sorry for the delay, but it's a real whopper - and hopefully worth the wait.

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