35 Modern Warfare 2 Random Requests

Feature: Hot off the COD Twitter page

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is quite likely to be the biggest game of this year. We're banking on E3 in the summer to tell us more. Until then it's nothing but guess work as the first trailer from the sequel was nothing but a dirty tease.

You may remember that developer Infinity Ward asked fans what they'd like to see in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 via a newly-launched IW Twitter. You may also remember that particular Twitter page got hammered with suggestions.

As with most things associated with the internet, there was a mixture of the sensible, the stupid and the surreal. These are some of the more amusing / astonishing features that probably won't be as high on Infinity Ward's list of things to do as they will be on its list of things not to do.

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When Infinity Wards asked the internet what it would like to see in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the internet responded with...

All language and spelling has been left unedited for extra comedy value - expect swear words

  • a female character named Tina would be cool
  • Less treyarch
  • Oh, and an enemy called Pvt. Trey Arch to shoot in the arse.
  • punishment for team killing rather than just penalizing respawn time
  • The ability to chose the sex of your character for multi-player and single-player. Sexy Marine chicks ftw!
  • I'd like to see Godzilla as the final boss. Thanks in advance.
  • dead bodies more realistic, since when can people run through dead people? dont they have to jump or step on dead person
  • Mke it just like COd 4, improve upon it and we have game of the year 2009
  • A Snow covered mountain town. and have the snow comming down hard. with players foot prints everywhere.
  • A complete lack of player-controlled vehicles. Leave that crap to Halo.
  • can we have some kind of war cry during matches..it would be so awesome to see a berserk enemy doing a war cry..if it can be done
  • Small Suggestion. Ability to actually kill the pilot in a helicopter by shooting at the cockpit glass.
  • I wanna see urban combat in a Western (Preferably US) setting
  • The ability to throw your empty pistol as a last ditch defense/attack.
  • Dismemberment.
  • a different phrase instead of "tango down in section one alpha" I've heard that a million times now.
  • Brutality greatly adds to a game, we want blood, guts, and dismemberment....
  • at 20 kill streak give the ability to call in Chuck Norris
  • How about a teaser screenshot on your website?
  • Best grafics (able to compare to Killzone 2 ones)
  • If you're going to have customizable characters, facial hair options are a MUST!
  • Also, make a headshot noise that makes them really satisfying.
  • I'd like to see my feet, no joke, the character's feet would be awesome
  • NO ZOMBIES. People stop it with zombies. Go play Left4 Dead.
  • more blood/gore (specifically, explosives causing dismemberment)
  • Get another kickass guitar riff for when you rank up and complete a challenge. That thing makes my day.
  • Dead cert: Iranian Embassy siege courtesy of Britains SAS!
  • More maps with more trees and bushes
  • more chemical weapons and more chemical based grenades
  • Only count time spent in Online Public Games towards Overall Playtime.
  • Easter eggs mocking CoD:WaW
  • A level called F**k treyarch like mile high club but you have to assassinate the VIP (the ceo of treyarch)

    You can feel the love for Treyarch can't you? Let us know your more serious thoughts below.