Pikmin 2 and DK Jungle beat for Wii

Nintendo expands New Play Control range

Pikmin 2 and Donkey Kong Jungle Beat have been confirmed as the new additions to Nintendo's Play Control range of GameCube remakes for Wii.


Pikmin 2, which we reckoned was bigger, better and brighter than the original in every way when it released back in 2004, sees Captain Olimar return to the Pikmin planet with his assistant Louie in search of treasure.

Set to launch on April 24, it features new species of Pikmin, randomly generated dungeons and a two-player battle mode, plus the Wii remake adds the Piklopedia, an in-game list of all the plants and creatures that you come into contact with, and Treasure Hoard, which lists all the goodies you collect on your quest.

The Wii remake of drum-powered platformer Donkey Kong Jungle Beat will feature two brand new stages, plus new enemies, bonuses and weapons.

Controlling DK with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, you'll swing and pounce through the jungle gathering banana points and performing combos to maximise your score when it releases this summer.