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Sega Mega Drive... re-released?!

Super-slim, multi-region console to hit UK next month

The Sega Mega Dive is set to return to the shops, courtesy of a super-slim redesign by the same company that introduced the handheld version last year.

The "Blaze" Sega Mega Drive features a new slim design complete with two control pads and yes - even a cartridge slot.


15 Sega oldies including Sonic & Knuckles, Altered Beast, Golden Axe and Columns come built-in to the console, but the good news is you'll also be able to stick your old, non-first-party Mega Drive games into the box. It's multi-region as well.

It sounds like a pretty attractive purchase for Sega fans then. It's out on April 24 for £39.99, according to Play. Thanks to CVG reader Ewan for the spot.