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SOCOM Confrontation

Realism meets online action in a mostly humdrum collision

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Once you get into a game, you're left with the possibility of finding a bunch of jackasses who either can't play or insist on singing/roaring/crying down their headsets at you. And this is, of course, if the game doesn't decide to lock up on you, but I'm happy to say that connectivity issues were few and far between - though there was some waiting for an open game at times.

Once you've learned your way around the weapons, maps and so on, it becomes a lot more playable, and a great deal more fun (but it's still just as tense), but ultimately, even when you've reached the zenith of understanding SOCOM, it's never quite as fun as any of its peers. It's graphically pretty drab and unattractive, and even when everybody's working in sync and you're in that state of tension that makes the series so engaging, it's never going to have that killer pull that makes playing Resistance 2 or either of the new Call Of Duties so addictive. That's not to say it's not fun - it's more that SOCOM Confrontation is never anything other than 'somewhat good.' Are you really going to shell out £40 on a game that doesn't set your pants on fire? No, probably not.

Series fanatics will undoubtedly go crazy over it, but everyone else should approach with a hefty degree of caution. You'll never find yourself wowed nor particularly excited, and almost everything it does is better done elsewhere. The controls are slick, and the customization of both your loadout and player is certainly interesting - though it's not as complex as many would make out. It may be tense, fun, realistic and reasonably large-scale, but SOCOM Confrontation is never excellent - and against some recent releases, that just isn't enough.

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The verdict

Fun to play, but it's too punishing and packs a hefty learning curve.

PlayStation 3
Sony Computer Entertainment