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White and silver DS Lite supplies "ceased "

Nintendo now focusing on more popular colours

Nintendo has confirmed to CVG that it has "currently ceased" supply of the white and silver DS Lites to retailers.

The company says it will now focus on supplying retailers with the DS Lite colours that have proven most popular with consumers.


"Nintendo can confirm that going forward, we will be focussing our supply of the DS Lite range on the range of exciting colours that have proved most popular since launch: Black, Pink, Red, Green and Turquoise," a Nintendo UK spokesperson said.

"Accordingly we can confirm that we have currently ceased supply of white and silver editions of the DS Lite to retailers in the UK."

The news comes just one day after Nintendo told us it wouldn't be phasing out the DS Lite, although it did say that it would be increasing the number of DS Lite bundles available in the UK.