BioShock 2: First real details

First look at sequel lands in Game Informer mag - Spoilers inside...

After yesterday's internet faking malarkey, the first real BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams details have emerged, via the pages of Game Informer mag in the US.

Big spoilers ahead...

Subscribers have revealed that the game takes place ten years after the events of the first BioShock and the Big Sister, a grown up little sister from the first game, is now the biggest nightmare in Rapture.

You play as (drum roll...) the first ever Big Daddy. You can use your massive drill, rivet gun, trademark shoulder bash as well as plasmids similar to ones from the first game. You're out, as every Big Daddy is, to harvest Adam from the corpses littering Rapture. You do this by taking on other Big Daddies and adopting their little sisters (you can also opt to harvest them) to help your cause.

If you adopt a little sister she'll ride on your shoulder, allowing you to hunt out precious Adam. Once you've discovered a corpse you'll have to protect the little one from a wave of attacking splicers until she's finished doing the job.

But the more confident you become and the more rival Big Daddies you kill brings you closer to incurring the wrath of the swift and devastating Big Sister. When you do, the little sister you're with will sing a song about how the Big Sister doesn't want you playing with her, and then you'll get chinned by the cow.

Actual plot details and your role in the underwater city's story are unclear at the moment. However In other itty-bitty details, plasmid trees are said to be more diverse, with more 'unique' powers sitting at the top. Player-resurrecting vita chambers are said to return and an undisclosed multiplayer mode is also confirmed.

There you are then. It sounds like we're due for another dramatic return to Rapture - and thank god there aren't any Soviets. More info, as we get it...