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Capcom calls "BS" on Resi DLC rants

"If any game warrants its price point, it's RE5," says Capcom

Look guys, you've gone and made Capcom mad. The publisher has deemed complaints over its paid Resident Evil 5 DLC "BS", saying that the game is "well worth every penny of $60".

A thread started on Capcom's official forums to rant about the "sham" of Capcom's DLC announcement didn't please VP of business development, Christian Svensson, who hit the forum with a few heated words of his own.

Here's the full response:


"I'm sorry guys, but this is the part where I have to call 'BS'. RE5 is well worth every penny of $60. A huge game, with tons of replay value, loads of unlockables, new weapons, co-op, mercenaries mode, etc. If any game warrants its price point, it's RE5.

"Prior to the announcement of the Versus mode, no one complained they weren't getting their money's worth with the initial release because it packs TONS of value because it is an amazing game. So if people were already satisfied with what the package had, when we offer MORE, why is it people feel they've been somehow cheated? If you don't find value in our secondary offerings, the choice is simple, don't purchase it. If you do find it valuable (and we hope you do) please do buy it and enjoy it.

"Secondly, whenever we do PDLC, that content exists with its own budgets, it's own profit and loss analysis with its own forecasts. If it didn't, that extra content wouldn't have been put into production, because it did not fit within the production budget of the base product.

"The content that is shipping in the full game exists within its own budget. The content shipping afterward (regardless of how close to release it is... because the goal IS to have it release relatively closely to the base product's release) exists within its own budget.

"To try and have it release in a timeframe that is relatively close to the initial release, development starts well before the base product is on the shelves. There's no other way to keep it within 3 to 6 weeks of the initial release (which is the goal).

"And again, for those people looking at this anew, the DLC in question is not an unlock on the disc."