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Resistance: Retribution

Review: The cack-handed little brother

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Moving on, the dialogue can be cringe-worthy at times, particularly the old British accents. There are also sections where you're forced to babysit an AI character that just refuses to keep their damn head down. And nothing's more frustrating than getting Game Over when you've done nothing wrong.

Resistance: Retribution needs your forgiveness though. It makes the effort and delivers a solid shooter. It's no platform-defining blockbuster, but if you've got the patience to get along with the controls there's a good few hours to be found. Add on some decent multiplayer and it's a good day to be a PSP owner.

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The verdict

Clumsy brother of its console counterpart.

  • Visually pleasing
  • Meaty multiplayer - especially for a portable
  • Hours of solid action
  • Awkward controls
  • Annoying AI babysitting sections
  • Not the blockbuster PSP needed
PlayStation Portable
Sony Computer Entertainment
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