God of War III

Preview: Sony finally opened its doors and showed off God Of War III in action

When the credits finally rolled on God Of War II with gaming's angriest man vowing to have his revenge by taking down the Greek Gods no less, every man and dog wanted a piece of God Of War III. A teaser trailer released last summer only hinted at the bloodlust planned in this sequel.

With Kratos standing on a collapsing temple, a former home of the Gods, looking down over his devastation with pride, God Of War III was set up as the defining game in the series, and the final part in Kratos' war with the Gods.

If you thought the hype surrounding Killzone 2 was a big deal, then prepare to be pummelled over the coming year by more hyperbole than a Lily Allen album. Killzone 2 was a warm-up for God Of War III. And though Sony rarely lives up to its promises, they're never too wide of the mark.


With that, Sony opened its doors and began the charm offensive with the game's director, Stig Asmussen, making three exciting promises for God Of War III, these were: 1) This final game in the series will define the action game genre for this generation of consoles; 2) The game will deliver groundbreaking moments of gameplay unlike anything seen before; and 3) God Of War III will be instrumental in redefining the sense of scale in games to new, unbelievable levels. Well, that's got things off to an interesting start.

Sweet talker
Armed with his war chest of promises, Asmussen began to detail what God Of War III will offer over and above every other game, ever. This sequel, confirmed by Asmussen as the final part in the Kratos trilogy, will start and end with the game's 'Titan' gameplay. The God Of War series has always aimed to deliver gameplay, combat and events on a scale unseen in other games, and number three is no different. The Titans are the early Gods chastened by the likes of Zeus.

Fans will remember playing a level in God Of War II in which you had to climb up and around Atlas - the Titan charged with holding the world on his shoulders. That game's finale saw Kratos riding a Titan towards Mount Olympus as he set about finishing the fight with Zeus. In God Of War III you fight across these giants, and in doing so, Sony has had to redesign its entire God Of War combat system.

For starters, the Titans aren't as static as the ones seen on past God Of War games. These giants are now living, breathing deities. They are far more than a backdrop to the action, instead they are living, functioning parts of Kratos' world.

As you battle across these levels they will be moving and changing as you climb and navigate them while all the time battling the creatures of Mount Olympus. One Titan referred to by Asmussen was Gaia, the Titan Of Earth, she's so large the entire Medusa's Lair stage from God Of War II can fit snugly into one hand.


So while the series has always offered spectacle on a level few games manage, this is the first to make that epic scale come to life. While in the PS2 games the Titans were backdrops to Kratos' heavy combo walloping, in this PS3-powered sequel they are moving, malleable spaces that need to be navigated in new, unique ways.

From the outset, the development team wanted to ensure the Titans in God Of War III would come to life in ways that make gamers change the way they look at games. The hype machine slowly rumbles into life...

Titans vs Gods
The war between the Titans and the Gods will wage around Kratos, no matter what he's up to, the impact of these two classical clans of deities going at it will affect the game. If you are involved in some classic God Of War gameplay, fighting on the arms or shoulders of Gaia, for example, there will be other Titans next to and around Kratos.

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