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New features for Football Superstars

Fame and player managed club systems on the way

A host of new features are in the works for footy MMO Football Superstars, developer Cybersports has revealed.

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New features to be implemented over the coming months include (according to the official blurb):

  • Player Managed Club system: Own your own club and manage REAL players
  • Play 3, 5, 7 or 11 aside football with offside, foul and card system where making space and marking your opponent are critical to team success
  • New fame system. Are you a Local Hero or a National Star?
  • Improved Keeper AI, the holes have been filled, can you beat the keeper?
  • Defender awards have been significantly increased which means strikers will need to be more aware of space and position or stand to lose the ball
  • Three new clothing designers released, stand out from the crowd in Bownz, Avralan or Devine outfits
  • Sheffield FC, the worlds first Football Club goes virtual! Visit the hallowed grounds of Sheffield FC and even grab a refreshing orange juice at the Coach and Horses!
  • 11 aside matches opened up in the 3rd division. No more struggling to get into the 2nd division, challenge the best of the FS club world earlier